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Education Scholarships

The Executive Committee of the Mass Chapter awards a number of education scholarships each year. The successful applicant will be determined by a majority of the Executive Committee. You’ll get the best online casino pokies australia right here, you actually sufficient to acquire it!


Education scholarships shall be awarded to a Chapter member towards an IAAO course, workshop or forum. The Scholarship application can be submitted anytime during the current calendar year for an IAAO course, workshop or forum offered during the current year.


Applications are limited to one application by a candidate per calendar year. Priority is given to those who applied in a previous year and did not receive a scholarship. Preference is given to those who are seeking an IAAO designation or attending a national conference for the first time.


To qualify the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an IAAO member in good standing.
  • Be a MASS Chapter member in good standing.
  • Use the scholarship or sponsorship in the current calendar year.
  • Must show a financial need.


Scholarships and Sponsorships are awarded without regard to race, sex or national origin of the applicant.

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Additional Scholarships are available through the IAAO. For additional information go to


  • The Jeff Hunt, CAE, Memorial Candidates Assistance Trust grants to IAAO members wishing to complete their designation.
  • The Timothy N. Hagemann Membership Memorial Trust grants awards for small jurisdictions (less than 7,500 parcels) to become and IAAO member, obtain educational course assistance, or research project assistance.

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